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2L-5L Single Station PXB65

Basic Equipment Clamping systemSingle Station+High-precision guide+large arm cylinder axleExtrusionSystemHard gear surface decelerator+Japan inverterDie systemCenter –incoming extrusion die with special steelHydraulic systemJapan hydraulic valve seal and proportional controlControl systemJapan PL...


Basic Equipment
Clamping system Single Station+High-precision guide+large arm cylinder axle
Extrusion System Hard gear surface decelerator+Japan inverter
Die system Center –incoming extrusion die with special steel
Hydraulic system Japan hydraulic valve seal and proportional control
Control system Japan PLC+Imported+PLC automatic temperature control model+Imported electrionic parts
Material   PE,PP, PVC, PA
Max container capacity L      5
Number of die SET 1,2,3,4
Output(dry cycle) Pc/hr      1000
Machine Dimension(LxWxH) M      3.4x1.9x2.5
Total weight T      4.0
Clamping Unit
Clamping force KN      68
Platen opening stroke mm      150-500
Platen size mm      338x380
Max mould size(WxH) mm      338x350
Mould thickness mm      153-300
Max drive KW      26
Total power KW      32.5
Fan power for screw KW      0.25
Air pressure MPA      0.7
Air consumption M3/min      0.6
Average energy consumption KW      17
Extruder unit
Screw diameter mm      65
Screw L/D ratio L/D      24
Melting capacity Kg/hr      70
Number of heating zone zone 3
Extruder heating power KW 13.8
Extruder driving power KW      15
Number of heating zone zone      3
Power of die heating KW      5.7
Max die-pin diameter mm      135
Center distance of double die mm      160
Center distance of tri-die mm      110
Center distance of tetra-die mm      85